Data Foundation

Making Plant Data Continuously Useful for Operations, IT, and Data Science

We Make OT Data AI
Benefits of Data Foundation

When data challenges are overcome, plant data becomes extraordinarily useful

Scale: one common Data Foundation for all models — both operational and analytical

Flexibility: handling changing data environments

Operational agility: stream-processing technologies provide continuous, real-time understanding

Sight Machine - Data Foundation
Unlock Productivity

Use Data Foundation to Unlock Your Productivity

Sight Machine creates a single data foundation for operations and analysis. Our streaming platform continuously transforms OT data into useful information in real time, so that you can make better, faster decisions—anytime, anywhere. With system-level visibility and dynamic insights into the most pressing production needs, companies can now deliver and scale optimal productivity, quality and sustainability solutions throughout the entire production process and value chain.

Sight Machine analyzes production by streaming plant floor data from all systems and sources in real time. Data is streamed into 4 Common Data Models. These models represent automated production in all industries.

Common Data Models for Manufacturing

Bringing the agile factory to life

Manufacturers are investing in Industry 4.0 infrastructure. Plants generate huge amounts of data, and while the data is often collected, companies are finding now that without a useful data foundation, they are wrestling with plant data instead of using it.

Useful data is the key to better productivity, sustainability, and breakthroughs in quality and efficiency.

The challenge arises because OT data is not ready to be analyzed. It comes from different sources, with different rhythms, and in different structures. Sight Machine transforms operational technology data from any plant into a powerful Data Foundation, and then applies rich analysis.

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