Digital Readiness Index

Accelerate Your Manufacturing Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Framework

A manufacturing readiness assessment tool that looks at your organization and technical readiness

Organizational Readiness

DRI’s Organizational Readiness examines if you have the institutional support you need for digital transformation. It evaluates commitment, budget, and staffing.

Technical Readiness

DRI’s Technical Readiness provides a checklist of technical requirements needed for successful projects. It assesses data, policy, and knowledge infrastructure.

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Digital Readiness Index

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Digital Readiness Zones

Pinpoint how your facilities can support your digital transformation strategy.

Typical Attributes In-Scope Projects Typical Development Areas
  • Machines not capturing relevant data or are unconnected
  • Data not flowing to system of record and/or no cloud strategy in place
  • Build offline data acumen
  • Develop foundational data visibility
  • Advocacy for Digital Transformation
  • Work with partners to connect
  • Machines have sensors and are capturing some data
  • Limited expertise on data-process relationships
  • Limited/no change management capability
  • Global operations view
  • Statistical process control
  • Parameter relationships
  • Building alignment between corporate, plant operations, and IT on a Digital Manufacturing strategy (data, technology, governance)
  • Building expertise on data/process relationships
  • Good technical connectivity and data capability
  • Limited capability for insights and custom app development
  • Machine performance: OEE
  • Part traceability
  • High level defect analysis
  • Accelerating Data Science capability
  • Enhancing change management capability to enable real-time response
  • Refine your strategy for data connection
Advanced Analytics
  • Excellent technical connectivity and data capability
  • Some ability to develop custom applications
  • Limited/moderate change management capability
  • Advanced statistical techniques to identify root causes
  • Predictive analysis
  • Extensible analytics
  • Platform 3rd party development
  • Developing new metrics and incentives for operations
  • Supplier alignment on Digital strategy
  • Comprehensive technical excellence across the extended organization
  • Executive leadership focus on Transformation
  • Advanced change management capability
  • Cross system analysis
  • Supplier optimization
  • Real-time capacity based pricing
  • New business model innovation
  • Supply chain transformation


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Does your organization have the necessary institutional support to begin your Digital journey? Do you have the right IT infrastructure in place to be successful? Learn more about how the Digital Readiness Index can help you.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

AI Manufacturing Digital Readiness FactoryDoes your organization have the necessary institutional support to begin your Digital journey? Do you have the right IT infrastructure in place to be successful?

Introducing the Digital Readiness Index (DRI).

Through our work with G500 manufacturers, Sight Machine has determined the success factors critical for digital transformation. DRI identifies which key technical and organizational assets you have in place to start your digital journey. The answers give you a roadmap for prioritizing plants, building capabilities, and benchmarking against peers.

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Digital Readiness Index