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Access critical plant information at any time from any source, all at your fingertips.

Key Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Use Cases

Bottom-line impact,
improved productivity,
lower costs

Process Optimization

  • Root cause analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Data standardization across multiple sites
  • Data to support tech transfer of new products or to new sites
DFX Manufacturing
Sight Machine Dashboard for Manufacturing Data Collection

Asset Management & Reliability

  • Dashboard reporting
  • Reliability and predictive maintenance
  • Energy consumption

Regulatory Control

  • Measuring and confirming that processes are running as filed
  • Understanding sources of process variability
  • Providing a broad data vision from across systems
  • Product safety – identifying potential sources of product safety issues from manufacturing
  • Data to support Annual Regulatory Reports
Sight Machine
Case Studies

Proven outcomes for life sciences & pharmaceuticals companies

Top 20 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Company

  • To enable optimization of continuous tablet production through digital technology and limit product loss
Use Case: Root cause analysis
  • Connected to existing machines and plant floor systems to provide cross-system view
  • Identified optimization problem based on downstream quality feedback, via upstream power blending process
  • Leveraged data insights to address optimization problem, creating greater overall efficiency in the continuous tablet production process
Top 20 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Company

Top 15 U.S. Pharmaceutical Company


  • To execute a top-down digital transformation manufacturing initiative

Use Case: Demonstrate faster stabilization of new process with data analysis drawn across disconnected systems

  • Establish a baseline for operations
  • Operationalize improvement
  • Complete the digital transformation within manufacturing


  • Improved packaging OEE
  • Implemented continuous process monitoring for selected packaging line
  • Established key dashboards and self-service functionality to create additional dashboards in the future
Top 15 U.S. Pharmaceutical Company

Top 50 Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer

  • To understand process variability and identify opportunities for cycle time reduction in medical device manufacturing process, plus test technology scalability
Use Case: Trend analysis
  • Identify sources of cycle time variation among a type of machine at the two sites
  • Provide comparisons within each facility and between different facilities with different processes
  • Identified actionable opportunities to improve production by ~20% – the first time in 2 years that the plant “had identified clear process improvement opportunities”
Life Sciences - Top 50 Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer

Sight Machine offers a single, integrated solution for digital transformation for Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical manufacturers

We enable customers to continuously transform and analyze all plant data through the creation of a data foundation. This standardized data foundation provides every stakeholder a single, trusted and dynamically updating view of production and process adherence, as well as serving as the platform for many different applications across the plant.

Asset Management & Reliability

Recognize, learn, then predict and alert machine and process failures; anomaly detection.

Sight Machine

Process Optimization

Machine learning automatically calculates production settings and drill down analytics to optimize your entire plant and KPI performance, with no limit on data or users.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety

Complete visibility into every aspect of production to ensure process compliance with regulatory standards and filings, as well as identifying potential hazards.

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