Breakthrough Analytics for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Now you can solve some of your most pressing challenges…

Regulatory and
food safety


Lack of a real-time view into
quality and efficiency issues

Food and Beverage Analytics

…with insights hidden inside
your production data you can…

Breakthrough Analytics for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Improve food safety

Identify and remove sub-par or defective ingredients, machines, and processes.

Optimize your entire production
process, not just one machine

Take the upstream and downstream dependencies into consideration and determine the most effective improvements.

Gain deep
production visibility

Track products through multiple production stages to optimize processes and avoid bottlenecks.

…to achieve real business impact.


Sight Machine

16% impact

of overall production output


Sight Machine

$10 million

impact on packaging lines

Get a glimpse into how a major beverage manufacturer is transforming its production operations with data

By combining alarm system data + MES (downtime) + Manufacturing Execution Systems (Machine and line speed) from each process, the Sight Machine platform created a digital twin of the entire production process. This enabled the bottler to take a holistic view of how individual micro downtimes impacted overall output.

Industry Snapshot:

Learn how Sight Machine addresses the challenges facing Food & Beverage manufacturers.

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How can you transform a huge repository of data into actionable intelligence?

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