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Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator, Sight Machine works closely with operators, engineers and leaders to achieve Results.

Sight Machine offers the Whole Product: product capabilities and skills delivered to you in partnership. Outcomes are concrete, measurable, significant and fast.


Specialized Focus

Sight Machine’s common data models, streaming pipeline and operations-oriented applications can be applied to any production process, discrete or continuous.

Industries served include more than 15 verticals, from automotive to pharmaceuticals, foodpackaging, apparel, paper, glass, chemicals, and machine builders.

Use Cases

The Sight Machine Value Map: Throughput, Quality, Cost, Flexibility

Manufacturing is a discipline, and while every industry is unique, the process of operational improvement is remarkably consistent.  Production turns on four levers – Throughput, Quality, Cost, and Flexibility.  Understand and control each lever and you’re a better manufacturer.  

How to do that?  By answering the following questions:  What is happening?  What is changing?  Why?  How should we set things up optimally to account for changes and variation?  What is going to happen?  And what should we do about that now?  

A single data foundation enables the organization to work across this entire map. 

Visualization and analytics tools

A Partner for Automation Providers

Sight Machine is an ideal platform for modeling and managing distributed production assets. While countless companies can analyze raw sensor data in isolation, that capability alone is not enough.

The main challenge for automation is deeper: data must be understood in relation to state. A sensor may advise the machine is down. But is that because of machine failure, or because of an upstream issue? Sight Machine is partnering with leading automation providers.

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