Real-time Visibility and Analytics for Machines in the Field

Real-time visibility and analytics on machines in the field unlock several opportunities including:

  • Insight into operational performance and improvement avenues
  • Development of benchmarks and best practices across customers
  • Creating new revenue streams

Integrate and interpret various data types and sources:

  • Operational data
  • Fault data
  • SKU data
  • Consumables data
  • Upstream process data

Enable key personnel needs:

  • Service Engineers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Executive Management
  • Product Designers and Engineers

Onboard machines quickly

Provide data accessibility to end-customers

Why Sight Machine?

Sight Machine is the only enterprise-grade platform that provides the context required to infer machine state. By integrating various data sources and elements, Sight Machine at all times tracks states for individual tags and the overall machine.

A robust real-time data streaming pipeline automatically handles out-of-order data, late-arriving data, and missing data. Visualization and advanced analytics provide for a deep dive into individual machines or reviewing an entire fleet of machines.

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A Proven Solution with Real-world Results

Remote Service Center

Sight Machine connects to deployed equipment across your customers and surfaces key information to your team so you know when your equipment isn’t performing as expected and why. This enables you to proactively reach out to your customers centralizing scheduling and dispatch.

Field Services

Provide your field service technicians with the data, analytical tools, and SOPs to ensure equipment is serviced before issues arise and correctly the first time.

Preventative Maintenance & Prescriptive Recipes

Improve equipment productivity with preventative maintenance and prescriptive recipes. Continuous monitoring of equipment, environmental conditions, and outcomes providing recommended actions to your customers so they get the most out of your equipment.

Key Benefits

Add new machines to the platform within 15 minutes
Create lab environments to test and assess machines before deployment