Paper & Tissue Production

Now you can solve some of your most pressing challenges…

Inefficient changeovers
with excessive scrap
Downtime from
web breaks
Problem root causes
out of reach

…with insights hidden inside
your production data…

Maximum quality,
minimal scrap
Downtime stopped
before it starts
Rapid root
cause detection

…to achieve real business impact.

Discover how a global Paper and Packaging company uses our platform to improve quality, customer satisfaction, and reduce energy use.

This manufacturer had an increase in customer complaints and no way to determine what was causing them. They also had high energy costs and a mandate to be more sustainable.

Utilizing the Sight Machine platform, they were first able to tie complaints in its customer systems with production data on the line to determine what SKUs or batches resulted in lower quality and higher complaints. They also used the platform to provide visibility into energy meter data and integrated this with step speed and machine data for specific orders or batches. This provided an unprecedented view into energy costs.


Sight Machine revolutionizes manufacturing operations for Global 500 companies to achieve continuous breakthroughs in productivity, profitability and sustainability.

White Paper:

Paper & Tissue Industry

Enabling ‘New Answers to New Questions’ via System-wide Data Visibility.

Unlock Business Insights Hidden in Your Data. With the One Platform that Can Actually Do it.

The Sight Machine platform is an analytics breakthrough that harnesses AI and machine learning to acquire, blend, and contextualize all your data — and model it into an in-depth digital twin of your entire production process. Sophisticated analytics are then applied to deliver actionable insights.

Unprecedented Results:

Changing Changeovers for Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Scrap.

The Sight Machine platform puts an end to on-the-fly guesstimates and excessive changeover-related scrap.

For each paper grade, our AI-driven software analyzes historical run data, correlates relevant environmental and materials input, and supplies recommended settings to ensure the highest quality, complete with upper and lower control limits.

Grade-Change Document — The Sight Machine platform computes and displays optimal machine settings and control limits for a selected paper grade, based on automated analysis of its recent high-quality runs.

Downtime-Related Parameter Variance Plot — Sight Machine identifies machine parameter variance prior to a specific downtime event. The platform can then be set to alert operators if and when the same variances recur, in time to take steps to avert any follow-on downtime.

Preventing Downtime Before It Happens.

Sight Machine algorithms assess recent sheet-break event data for your selected paper grade — figuratively every input from every relevant machine.

Parameters are automatically ranked in order of variance ten minutes before the break, pinpointing downtime causation plus actionable measures to prevent recurrence.

All without guesswork, manual data pulls, or the need for meticulous, time-intensive human analysis.

Eliminating Problems at the Root.

The Sight Machine platform analyzes workflow events such as dryer steam pressure swings for defined time intervals in the context of recorded outages, to identify parameters correlated with downtime.

No data wrangling required: the platform presents all data in whatever view, matrix, and context you specify.

Days or weeks of tedious numerical analysis are condensed into a few minutes of straightforward visual scrutiny.

Root-Cause Analysis Display — Sight Machine enables rapid, definitive root-cause analysis that was never possible before: by generating detailed, time-based metrics of factors associated with outage events, ranked by strength of correlation.

Industry Brochure:
Learn how Sight Machine addresses the challenges facing Paper & Tissue manufacturers.
White Paper:
Enabling ‘New Answers to New Questions’ via System-wide Data Visibility.

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