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solve manufacturing’s biggest challenges

The only platform to instantly combine process and product data. Get to the right answer faster, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Welcome to a new level of insight and action.


Improve first-pass yield, reduce scrap, and identify the root cause of quality issues.

Reduce Scrap

Identify all of the defect types that have an impact on production quality. Reduce scrap costs by focusing on the most critical defects.

Increase first-pass yield

Capture real-time first-pass yield statistics and immediately identify variances that affect quality. Measure changes and find trends to achieve quality objectives.

Control process with strict tolerances

How can you manage what you don’t measure? By capturing all process data, you can control them to tight tolerances and be alerted before a process is out-of-bounds.

Set up alerts to maintain consistent processes

Maintaining processes is important for operating a reliable business. Setup alerts for processes so that they can be monitored and maintained.

Eliminate non-conformance to specs

Compliance to specs and regulations are critical in many industries. Making sure you can see where non-conformance occurs helps you to get rid of it.


Improve OEE, increase throughput, and optimize asset utilization.

Drive continuous process improvement

Gain deeper insights into quality and productivity issues to identify the most impactful continuous improvement initiatives.

Analyze process, part and quality data to find root causes

Problems that aren’t resolved will continue to occur and hurt your bottom line. Solve the most complex plant issues by finding the true root cause.

Predict asset failure

Make use of historical data, trends, and manufacturing specific algorithms to proactively manage potential asset failures.

Reduce downtime

Insight into the most frequent downtime reasons helps to focus on the downtime that hurts the business most.

Increase capacity utilization

Asset utilization and downtime statistics allow you to maximize usage of the right assets at the right time.


Gain real-time visibility into every machine, line, and plant throughout your enterprise.

Access real-time information across the enterprise

With our secure, cloud-hosted solution, information can be accessed at any time to instantly make business decisions.

Measure and improve OEE

Access to reliable OEE metrics, automatically generated from audited data sources.

Monitor regulatory info; birth certificate, track & trace

Maintain comprehensive and accurate information about your products, throughout the entire lifecycle.

Compare metrics across plants and the enterprise

All information collected can be benchmarked - compare machines, lines, and plants to drive continuous improvement.

Measure and trend productivity and quality

Visibility into accurate and timely operations data is a key step to improving productivity and quality.