Breakthrough Analytics for Packaging Manufacturers

Now you can solve some of your most pressing challenges…

Minimize scrap
Improve availability
Optimize line balancing

…with insights hidden inside
your production data you can…

Improve yield

Correlate production data with quality inspection results to understand factors driving yield.

Improve uptime

Understand true impact of machine slow downs and stops by taking a holistic approach to analyzing the entire production process.

Optimize for inputs

Organize data by raw material used to analyze running conditions based on raw material characteristics.

…to achieve real business impact.


Sight Machine

16% improvement

in line throughput


Sight Machine

$2 million

increase in revenue at a single plant

Learn how we helped a major packaging manufacturer use data-driven manufacturing to improve plant efficiency and performance.

This packager had issues around scrap and could not determine the root-cause. By implementing the Sight Machine platform, the manufacturer was able to optimize scrap, helping drive a 5% saving in the production cost of each unit – translating to a $3M impact across six facilities. By connecting, integrating and modeling production data, they now have a single source of truth for production data and the foundation is in place to propel data-driven manufacturing capabilities across the entire enterprise.

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Learn how Sight Machine addresses the challenges facing Packaging manufacturers.
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Enabling ‘New Answers to New Questions’ via System-wide Data Visibility.

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