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Small gains in Productivity drive outsized impact in profit. How much is a single point of OEE worth to your business? Find out with this easy-to-use calculator.  Model scenarios and use simple, concrete numbers to help others see connections. The numbers are often surprising.

Sight Machine   Productivity Calculator – What is a Single Point of OEE Worth?

Step 1

Business Fundamentals

Start here by entering your most current business and operational data.

  • Revenue Per Unit
    $ 0
  • Fixed Cost Per Unit
    $ 0
  • Variable Cost Per Unit
    $ 0
  • Gross Margin Per Unit
    $ 0

Current OEE Values*

  • OEE
  • Plant Gross Margin

    $ 0
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Step 2

Impact of OEE Changes

Enter improved OEE components to see how hitting productivity targets would impact profit.

  • OEE

Step 3

Your OEE Value

See your OEE improvements in dollar terms.

  • New Gross Margin *

    $ 0
  • Gross Margin Increase


Find out how to make OEE improvements that boost profits.

Learn more about the thinking behind this calculator and how Sight Machine has helped other companies leverage their OEE to improve their profitability.

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