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Key Chemicals Use Cases

Asset management & reliability

  • Enterprise-level visibility of unhealthy assets, watch list, alerting, and CMMS compatibility
  • Operational deviation and anomaly detection
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Predictive maintenance

Process management

  • Minimize production variability
  • Support ”run well every day” operations, golden runs
  • Drill-down to associated metrics
  • Accelerate root cause analysis and time to corrective actions

Sustainability & energy management

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Decrease carbon footprint per unit of production
  • Real time mass balance of water, waste / emissions, raw material utilization
  • Safety

Data availability

  • Access critical plant information at any time from any source
  • Access SOPs, P&IDs and other docs such as troubleshooting guides embedded in platform
  • Collaborate remotely, share analysis links
  • Automate reports and update in real time
Customer Examples

Bottom-line impact, improved productivity, lower costs

Building a Time Zone Enabled Date Picker

Heavy Plant Equipment in Japan

Multi-million annual savings by predicting machine outages


Fertilizer in Europe

3% reduction in SO2 (sulfur dioxide) footprint


Paints and Coatings in India

7% Increased throughput via real-time bottleneck reporting and optimization

Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies
Ascend Performance Materials
Toros Tarim
Asian Paints
General Mills
AB InBev
Johnson and Johnson
Ascend Performance Materials
Toros Tarim
Asian Paints
General Mills
AB InBev
Johnson and Johnson
Transforming Chemicals Production

Sight Machine and Microsoft are trusted by leading Chemical manufacturers to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability with production data across the enterprise

“Sight Machine has given us powerful new insights into our production processes, uncovering widespread opportunities to increase yield and reduce downtime.”

Jai Sundararaman, VP of Business Transformation for IPG


"We searched the world for the most advanced and scalable manufacturing analytics technology to use across our facilities to drive better decisions..."

Harish Lade, Vice President, Supply Chain for Asian Paints

Asian Paints
Our Solution

Move beyond the data historian to the data future

Asset Management & Reliability

Recognize, learn, then predict and alert machine and process failures; anomaly detection.

Sight Machine extends Asset Health Monitoring from a single asset to every connected asset in the plant network.


Asian Paints used a plant digital twin to reduce cycle time

Sight Machine’s platform created a digital twin of the entire production process that captured the interdependencies in the production process.

By applying analytics to the digital twin data, the team was able to optimize line performance to improve cycle time and output delivered by millions of dollars per plant.

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