Breakthrough Analytics for Chemicals Manufacturing

Now you can solve some of your most pressing challenges…

Equipment availability
and downtime

Maximizing raw
material utilization

Decreasing energy consumption
and carbon footprint

Breakthrough Analytics for Energy, Chemicals, and Resources (ECR) Production

…with insights hidden inside
your production data you can…

Breakthrough Analytics for Energy, Chemicals, and Resources (ECR) Production

Maintain uptime

Continuous asset health monitoring, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.

Improve efficiency
and quality

Optimize process control through machine learning.

Minimize energy use

Recommend process configurations.

…to achieve real business impact.


Sight Machine

7% reduction

in cycle times


Sight Machine

Millions of $’s

per plant

Asian Paints used a Plant Digital Twin to Reduce Cycle Time

Sight Machine’s platform created a digital twin of the entire production process that captured the interdependencies in production process.

By applying analytics to the digital twin data, the team was able to optimize line performance to improve cycle time and output delivered by millions of dollars per plant.

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Learn how Sight Machine addresses the challenges facing Chemicals manufacturers.

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A Data-First Strategy Requires Changes in How Some Chemical Companies Operate.

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