About Us

Our products are designed and engineered to visualize the entire manufacturing process, and to solve deeply challenging problems. Our platform delivers real outcomes in efficiency, quality, sustainability — in weeks. 

Making Manufacturing Stronger, Sustainable and Resilient.
Improving Lives and Communities.

Our roots are deep. Founded in 2011, in Michigan, the heart of manufacturing in the United States, a stone’s throw from Detroit. We worked in factories and our fathers worked in factories. We grew up surrounded by manufacturing and by all the benefits it brings to communities – yes, the jobs, but also the support for many other community businesses, for the schools and the arts, and tangible feelings of pride in making real things that solve real problems.  

Manufacturing is the future. We believe in manufacturing and its importance to humanity. What factories and plants produce makes life better – from electric cars to critical health care equipment to milk and cheese to textiles for clothing. And we recognize that one of the single greatest points of leverage for improving the quality of life on Earth is to improve the manufacturing sector.  It’s the largest sector in the global economy, and beyond its role as an engine of progress and well-being, manufacturing is a mindset of getting a little better every day.

Yes, we actually can do that. So we built technology that brings all the data coursing through factories into one platform. And we made it easy to add other types of data – all data from the shop floor and beyond – into the system. And we made it easy for people to put all the streams of data side by side and make comparisons and ask questions. Most of all, we made it easy to continuously solve problems. 

From our heart, for the world. We made a digital engine that placed the entire manufacturing process, the machines and the materials, the people and the environment, into one field of vision, one line of sight. We made this to enable everyone who makes things to see what they need to see, to ask what they need to ask, in order to improve. And to unlock the collective power and intelligence of all these proud workers and engineers to make things more efficiently, cleanly, sustainably, and quickly.

Sight Machine Management Team

Sight Machine is founded and led by a team of technologists, manufacturing experts, and entrepreneurs who, above all, are focused on providing a practical solution to the industry.

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