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Solving Manufacturing’s Biggest Challenges

Sight Machine Engineering (and a few friends)

Our Roots Are Deep

Sight Machine was founded in 2011 in Michigan, one of the birthplaces of manufacturing in the United States, and a stone’s throw from Detroit. Our founders worked in factories and came from families that worked in factories. We grew up surrounded by manufacturing and by all the benefits it brings – good jobs, support for schools and the arts, and the feelings of pride from making things that are essential to every aspect of our lives.

Elite Technology For Real Problems

Many of us worked also in internet and big data. We believe technology should advance all industries, especially the big, old ones that drive the global economy. One of the single greatest points of leverage for improving the global quality of life is the manufacturing sector. It’s the world’s largest sector, and at its deepest levels, good manufacturing is a mindset. It’s about trusting and empowering each other, solving problems all the time (while knowing tomorrow will bring a few more), and getting a little better every day.

A Partner In Transformation

Change is hard. Our company has built an integrated approach to innovation and change that combines culture on the inside, technology underneath, and the way we work with you. We hire exceptionally talented and humble people with good values and empathy – true individuals each – so we can create world-class products. We build relationships of trust. And then we go all-in to blow past big, hard problems together, where the focus is always on your outcomes.

Sight Machine
Management Team

Jon Sobel

Jon Sobel

CEO & Co-Founder
Nate Oostendorp

Nathan Oostendorp

CTO & Co-Founder

Miguel Buddle

Chief Customer Officer
Jason Nienaber

Jason Nienaber

Chief Revenue Officer

Kurt DeMaagd, PH.D

Chief AI Officer & Co-Founder
Sudhir Arni

Sudhir Arni

Senior VP, Business Outcomes
Andrew Home

Andrew Home

VP Product

Jeff Chalmers

VP Finance


Sorenson Capital
Realization Capital Partners (Blue)
Future Energy Ventures
Mercury Fund
Tekfen Ventures

San Francisco

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