Sight Machine Manufacturing Data Platform

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Manufacturing Productivity Platform

We continuously transform and analyze all plant data so that you can focus on improving production.

Sight Machine unlocks all plant data. It gives every stakeholder a single, trusted and dynamically updating view of production.

A decade in development and applied across more than 15 verticals, the streaming platform has been purpose-built for manufacturing.

Sight Machine’s product suite includes three components: 

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Improve Manufacturing Productivity
Unique Aspects

What makes Sight Machine unique?

Standardized data schemas generated for every production process, discrete and continuous

Low-code and no-code manufacturing-oriented transforms

Stream processing that handles missing, out-of-order and late data (like 30 days late)

Tools for assuring data quality, trust, and transparency into every level of the pipeline

Pipeline management tools to build, spin up and simultaneously manage pipelines for hundreds of factories, while modeling the entire production footprint

Analyses and applications to serve operators, engineers, and leaders the way you work

Data Streaming Platform

The Manufacturing Data Platform

Sight Machine’s streaming platform is the breakthrough product for manufacturing data. Purpose-built over more than a decade to convert unstructured plant data into a standardized data foundation, it continuously analyzes all assets, data sources, and processes, from machine to enterprise level.

Partners and Customers

Join the world’s leaders in manufacturing transformation

Sight Machine has spent over a decade helping the world’s most progressive manufacturers put their data to use, and we’ve developed a structured method that delivers results.

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The Manufacturing Data Platform

Factory CONNECT with FactoryTX

Connect to your factory data and automate data labeling

FactoryTX securely connects and unifies all data sources related to production.

  • Tools for cataloguing and associating plant data to physical processes aid in management and maintenance of data sources.
  • Flexible connectors connect to data at every level of maturity and aggregation.
    • Cloud, Edge, and Local Server Deployment
    • Off-the-shelf Connectors
    • Build your own Connectors
  • Pre-process and prepare data for streaming analysis. Enable “Pick, Pack and Ship” of every data element through modeling to analysis.
  • Sight Machine Blueprint, with technology from NVIDIA and Microsoft, enables automated data labeling.
Manufacturing Productivity Platform
Manufacturing Productivity Platform

Factory BUILD

Standardizing all OT data

Factory BUILD turns all plant data into a single foundation of useful information, removing the need for tedious data wrangling.

  • Standardized data schemas are generated for all manufacturing activities
  • Models accommodate and automatically regenerate to incorporate late, missing and out-of-order data. In manufacturing environments, data often arrives as much as 30 days late. No domain is more challenging for stream processing. As late, missing, and out of order data arrives, the foundation updates continuously and self-corrects.
  • Sight Machine’s new Environment Builder puts more control in the hands of process experts. Now you can create plant floor lines (that contain machines) within your facility with a drag-and-drop interface powering factory-wide analytics.


Visualization and analytics tools

Sight Machine’s Factory ANALYZE guides operations with continuous, real-time decision-making.

  • A suite of visualization, data discovery, analytics, and AI/ML tools aid in improving productivity with: operators, process engineers, plant leaders and business leaders.
  • From asset to enterprise, applications utilize the data foundation to drive continuous improvement across every factory use case: throughput, quality, cost, flexibility and to answer every question from what’s happening, to what the rules should be, to what will happen.
  • Obtain a system-level and real-time view of all manufacturing facilities, lines, and machines across all plants across the enterprise.
Manufacturing Productivity Platform
Manufacturing Productivity Platform


Integrations, SDKs, and APIs

Leverage manufacturing data to drive operational improvements across your enterprise applications.

  • Sight Machine’s flexible SDK, open API’s, and integration capabilities enable manufacturing data to be warehoused, analyzed, shipped, and integrated with other enterprise applications.

  • Build with a single layer of trusted information for both operations and data science. It’s the basis for every stakeholder in the organization and beyond to continuously improve the performance of modern manufacturing.

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