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An always-on, intuitive “ask the expert” experience brings unprecedented ease of access to manufacturing problem solving, analysis and reporting for all stakeholders, regardless of data proficiency.

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Sight Machine works with manufacturers like IPG to make their businesses stronger, more sustainable, and more resilient. 

July 18, 2023

Manufacturing Data Platform Available on Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

How a common data foundation helps manufacturers unlock insights and accelerate transformation.

Sight Machine and Microsoft help manufacturers transform their OT data, providing a holistic view of production to enhance visibility, make data-driven decisions, and drive enhanced business results.

Reflections on Hannover Messe: Unlocking New Opportunities With the Industrial Metaverse, AI and Data Ecosystems.

New! Sight Machine, Microsoft, and Accenture on the MPI Vodcast. Jon Sobel, Co-Founder and CEO of Sight Machine, discusses manufacturing sustainability, and energy optimization for manufacturers in this new podcast from Microsoft.

Data Foundation

Powering more agile and resilient production environments. Provide every stakeholder with a single, trusted, and dynamic view of production.

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Do you have aggregated data from multiple production sources (i.e. quality, process) available? Do you want help unlocking your data to improve productivity? Let us help.

Manufacturing Data Platform

Welcome to a new level
of insight and action

Multi-plant scoreboard that enables a centralized view of output using a rollup of machine-level data. Unify and label all of your factory data – Jumpstart your manufacturing data collection and labeling with Sight Machine.

Tools for real-time streaming and charting of raw and contextualized machine data across the enterprise.

Operator, supervisor, and plant manager visibility into production KPIs, generated from real-time data.

Factory CONNECT: Connect, unify and label all of your factory data – Jumpstart your manufacturing data collection and labeling with Sight Machine.

Remote Manufacturing Operations

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Remote manufacturing operations are now mission critical for increasing business agility, optimizing productivity and building resilience.

See how Sight Machine – optimized on Azure – delivers manufacturers the data-driven decision making and problem solving capabilities required to efficiently and effectively manage plant operations anytime, anywhere and by anyone on our Manufacturing Productivity Platform.


Sight Machine on Azure

Use OT Data Insights to Scale Productivity

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Optimizing production in a (more) remote world

Transforming Chemicals Production with Plant Data

Hannover Messe Keynote

How manufacturers are gaining a competitive advantage using digital twins

Sight Machine on Azure is used by Global 500 companies to intelligently connect people with processes and products, enabling them to make better operational decisions, faster.

Market insights and best practices about how leading manufacturers are effectively using operational data to define and scale optimal productivity solutions across the enterprise.

Sight Machine and Microsoft are helping manufacturers improve profitability, productivity and sustainability with production data across the enterprise and value chain.
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Manufacturing Productivity Platform

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We’ll demonstrate how our platform enables chemicals manufacturers to make data continuously useful for all stakeholders, turning actionable insights into rapid impact.

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