Benchmark, monitor, and improve manufacturing productivity

Improve Manufacturing Productivity

A suite of manufacturing-specific applications built for your organization, from asset to enterprise

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Benchmark & Monitor


From visibility across your enterprise to real-time productivity monitoring on the shop floor, establish a benchmark for manufacturing productivity so you can focus on the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Systemwide Visibility

Global Operations Performance

  • Obtain a system-level and real-time view of all manufacturing facilities, lines, and machines across all plants across the enterprise
  • Easily access dynamic dashboards and cookbooks automatically prescribed based on relevance to each user. These include KPI related and user-created content from across the organization to reflect selected facility, line, or machine-level detail.

Generative AI

Factory CoPilot

Harness the power of generative AI with an always-on “ask the expert” experience​.

Through an intuitive natural language interface, Factory CoPilot brings unprecedented ease of access to manufacturing problem solving, analysis and reporting for all stakeholders regardless of data proficiency.

Factory CoPilot can automatically summarize all relevant data and information about production in real-time (i.e. daily meetings) and generate user-friendly reports, emails, and charts about the performance across the manufacturing enterprise.

It guides users through root cause analysis and drill-down investigation for faster diagnosis of issues, empowers team members with real-time results and insights from production queries and provides recommendations on optimal settings and production recipes. And if you prefer, It can even summarize your output in more creative ways, like a song or poem.

With synthesized results and simplified interpretations of complex issues, your workforce can spend more time acting on insights.

Key Performance Indicators

Productivity KPIs

Your process is different, your tags are different, but your KPIs should be consistent. Whether you track Quality, Yield, First Pass Yield, First Time Yield, or any other metrics, Productivity KPIs offer flexibility with completely configurable formulas. For improved network-wide benchmarking and issue identification, the KPI model supports comparisons across assets, process areas, and even facilities. Productivity KPIs are linked to all underlying data sources so you can understand questions like “What product type has the lowest OEE?”

Persona Dashboards

Configurable Dashboards

Configurable dashboards put the power of common data models into the hands of your entire organization. Sight Machine Dashboards are self-service so you can create views specific to each facility, process area, or even line. Utilize dashboards to measure plant productivity and track production on the factory floor or remotely. Configurable dashboards support a number of visualizations for monitoring like event timelines and histograms along with more advanced analysis to detect production issues in real-time like variance analysis and SPC.


Access configurable dashboards on-the-go with Sight Machine mobile.


Analyze & Improve

Automatically calculate the ideal production settings by continuously analyzing production runs, identifying the settings that lead to the best results. Prescribe recipes to operators dynamically by detecting current conditions and identifying production settings that are out of specification.

Analyze and Improve Cookbooks

Dynamic Recipes

Optimal Machine Settings

Dynamic recipes capture the optimal machine settings for every combination of conditions encountered, including the type of raw materials and environmental conditions, as well as for different types of output (e.g., grades of paper). Recipes are highly configurable and allow for outcome mix optimization. For example, dynamic recipes can determine production settings to minimize cost while maximizing quality and throughput. Recipes automatically update with built-in feedback loops. As your process improves, so too do the recipes.


Operator CoPilot

The Operator CoPilot application prescribes Dynamic Recipes to operators in the control room and on the factory floor. The Operator CoPilot automatically detects current conditions (e.g., raw materials, desired output grade, humidity) and provides recommended machine settings to optimize for the desired outcomes. All machine parameters are tracked in real time, and those that are out of recipe specification are surfaced for immediate operator action.

Analysis Tools

Manufacturing Applications

Start improving manufacturing operations immediately with off-the-shelf manufacturing applications for data exploration, correlation analysis, and process variability studies.

Applications support univariate and multivariate analyses of time-series data, which range from describing behavior over time to investigating correlations between parameters. The Analysis tools are designed to identify variables that exhibit behaviors that may be impacting production processes, uncover relationships between variables, and track performance over time.

Analysis tools support click-through analysis, which recommends workflows through the different applications to uncover additional information.


Data Exploration

Perform exploratory data analysis on a common data foundation with real-time applications for data exploration. Data Exploration applications include Data Visualization, Descriptive Statistics, Event Timeline Analysis, and Timeline Analysis.


Inferential Statistics

Understand the relationship between process parameters across your manufacturing operation and process inputs with process outcomes. Correlation applications include Correlation Heatmap Analysis, Curve Fit Analysis, Scatterplot Matrix Analysis, and Time-Series Correlation Analysis.

Unstable or Higher Variability

Process Variability

Identify process parameters that are unstable or have higher expected variability, causing production issues like availability and quality loss. Process variability applications include Statistical process Control and Time-Series Correlation.

Intelligent Alerting

Quickly Identify Issues

Sight Machine’s Intelligent Alerting monitors data and proactively notifies you when configured criteria are met, allowing you to quickly identify and address issues.

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