Connect and unify all of your factory data

Sight Machine securely connects and unifies all data sources related to production

We continuously transform and analyze all plant data so that you can focus on improving production.

Connect - Sight Machine
Connect to your factory data

Jumpstart your Data Lake/ Data Collection with Factory Connect

Factory Connect connects to any source of data in the manufacturing environment, standardizes the data in a json payload, and routes it to the cloud. 

Factory Connect frequently sends data to Kafka topics and it can also be easily sent elsewhere. Minimal transformations are made so you can quickly iterate on changes in the cloud.






Connectors for every source of data

  • Cloud, Edge, and Local Server Deployment
  • Build your own Connectors
  • Off-the-shelf Connectors
    • SQL databases — via SQLAlchemy
    • CSV / Excel (xls, xlsx) / log files
    • REST APIs: generic/PIweb/Proficy
    • REST APIs: ThingWorx/Predix/MindSphere
    • File Systems: local, FTP, Windows Share, S3, ADL
    • OPC UA/UA-H
    • PLC: Modbus
    • PLC: CC-link
    • Other custom receivers for Novel data sources
    • Integrates with historians/translators/proxies
Sight Machine Configuration

Built for manufacturing

  • Store and forward
  • Optimized for network bandwidth
  • Built-in Alerting

Secure transmission to the cloud

  • Encrypts data for transmission
  • SOC2 Compliant
Real Outcomes In Weeks

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