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Improving Manufacturing for Every Stakeholder

Delivering Value to the Entire Organization

Sight Machine provides a single data foundation for operations and analysis to optimize all aspects of manufacturing operations. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you provide value in your role.

Operations Leadership

Improving Manufacturing Productivity

Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform transforms operations, enabling break-through continuous improvement to increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Leverage Existing Investments

You’ve already invested in technology. Sight Machine integrates with existing technology, such as historians, without the need to worry about standardizing technology before you gain productivity improvements.

You’ve already invested in people. Sight Machine is purpose-built for manufacturing and equips process experts with data superpowers, driving real-time CI.

Measure What Matters

Each facility, process area, or even line may have different KPIs to measure, track and improve. With Sight Machine, measure exactly what matters, even with different underlying sources of information, often removing manual data tracking and whiteboards. A single source of key productivity metrics are surfaced across your organization to keep teams aligned on solving the highest value opportunities for improvement.

Empowered Workforce

Tribal knowledge needed to run day-to-day operations is leaving with an ever-changing and retiring workforce. Sight Machine automatically captures that tribal knowledge and process understanding through empirical evidence. That shared process understanding is updated continuously and recommended in real-time so everyone can generate best-in-class productivity.

Process Engineer

Next Generation Continuous Improvement

With a ready-to-analyze data foundation and suite of analytical tools, focus on solving problems and understanding results rather than collecting data, cleaning data, and crunching numbers.

Root Cause Analysis

Sight Machine’s off-the-shelf applications help you get to the root cause quickly, understanding the source of anomalous behavior not just for the individual piece of equipment but across the line or process area. The underlying data models bring together process, quality, maintenance, and material information while the manufacturing applications surface the most likely suspects.

Recipe Improvement

Automatically determine the ideal product recipe, across the line, for each unique set of conditions. With Dynamic Recipes, you control the recipe formula, noting which outcomes you’re seeking to optimize. Recipes are calculated continuously, finding the ideal process setpoints. As your process improves, so do your recipes. Recipes are also recommended to operators in real-time, through an operator co-pilot application.

Proactive Resolution

You’re spending the majority of your time on the plant floor and don’t always have time to conduct data analysis. With alerting and notifications, know when anomalous behavior occurs before it impacts production and without needing to sit at your desk.


Focus on Running the Line

Sight Machine provides real-time recipe recommendations and automates tedious/inaccurate data entry so operators can focus on running the line.

Real-Time Operating Instructions

With dynamic recipes for every unique scenario of conditions, operators receive real-time recommendations of which levers are out of specification and need to be changed.

Real-Time Operating Instructions

Configurable KPIs and dashboards surface scorecards to operators in real-time and are used between shift changes to transfer knowledge from one operator to operator. Gone are the days of whiteboards.

Digital Scorecards

Configurable KPIs and dashboards surface scorecards to operators in real-time and are used between shift changes to transfer knowledge from one operator to operator. Gone are the days of whiteboards.

Automated Data Capture

Sight Machine’s automated data modeling captures machine signals and turns them into events, like downtime events. Operators can focus on classifying the type, category, and reason code of the event instead of tracking when an event started and ended. Automated data capture leads to better data for analysis, and more time for operators to fix problems rather than enter data.

IT Manager

Don’t DIY, Do It with Sight Machine

Most digital transformation initiatives struggle to get off the ground and time is spent assembling a number of tools together. With Sight Machine, we’ve removed much of that complexity and provide an end-to-end solution for data connectivity, data transformation and modeling, and application development with all the enterprise security and scale built-in.

Leverage Existing Investments

Sight Machine works with your existing data collection investments and works on-top of those investments. Your plants often have different machines and systems of record, and, as you grow, that landscape will only continue to change. Instead of standardizing your investments, Sight Machine works as a layer to standardize information across your network.

Build On-Top of the Platform

Sight Machine offers a suite of off-the-shelf modules for connectivity, transformations for data modeling, and for analysis. When something additional is needed, you can build on top of the platform with custom connectivity modules, data transformations, and applications. All self-service.

Generate Business Value in Weeks, Not Years

Sight Machine is a partner in digital transformation, with years of experience across a wide variety of industries. We offer digital transformation services for data engineering, continuous improvement, along with implementation best practices to get business value in weeks instead of years.

Data Scientist

Stop Wrangling Data and Start Analyzing It

In most industries, Data Scientists spend 80% of their time wrangling data. In manufacturing, we’ve seen this as a bigger challenge as many data scientists need to understand both the physical process and the data before moving to data cleansing and transformation. This challenge only grows as you attempt to scale analytics across facilities and processes. With Sight Machine, you have a ready to analyze data foundation that scales across process areas and facilities. Spend your time analyzing data rather than wrangling it.

Manufacturing Data Models

Sight Machine’s manufacturing data models incorporate the physical process into a digital representation, bringing together process inputs and conditions with the outcomes produced. Ready to use for exploratory analysis, unsupervised learning, or supervised learning, manufacturing data models are a common foundation for operations and analysis.

Data Orchestration

Manufacturing Data Models are valuable across the organization and serve stakeholders outside of manufacturing operations, like procurement and supply chain management. With Sight Machine’s pipeline builder, orchestrate manufacturing data across your enterprise applications or into your data warehouse.

Application Development

With Sight Machine, access the manufacturing data models from your favorite toolchain using our SDK. Once you’ve built your Machine Learning Model and accompanying visualization, embed your application into the Sight Machine platform for use by manufacturing operations.

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