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Sight Machine continuously transforms and analyzes all plant data so that you can focus on improving production.
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Data Streaming Platform

The Manufacturing
Data Platform

Sight Machine’s streaming platform is the breakthrough product for manufacturing data. Purpose-built over more than a decade to convert unstructured plant data into a standardized data foundation, it continuously analyzes all assets, data sources, and processes, from machine to enterprise level.
Use Cases

Solving Manufacturing’s Biggest Challenges

Manufacturing Throughput
Increase your rate of production. Eliminate bottlenecks and micro-stoppages.
Manufacturing Quality
Raise first-pass yield, reduce scrap, and identify root cause.
Manufacturing Flexibility
Optimize production daily to account for variations in raw materials, mix, operating conditions.
Manufacturing Cost Monitoring
Reduce costs through remote and real-time monitoring, preventive and predictive insights.
Sustainability for Manufacturing
Understand, control, and improve your use of energy, materials, and water. Reduce cost and emissions.
Manufacturing Value Chain
Link and share insight across upstream and downstream plants, services, and automation providers

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