Sight Machine named as a Leader in Factory Analytics Platforms

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“Sight Machine is a leader in AI-driven solutions for the factory floor, particularly due to its ability to pull in many data streams and provide a live model of industrial operations. The solution stands out due to its breadth of applications, with solutions for operations leadership, IT teams, and engineers that manage discrete and continuous manufacturing processes.”

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Being named a Factory Analytics Platform category leader validates how we are helping manufacturers improve profitability, productivity and sustainability by streaming and analyzing production data from across the enterprise.

Sight Machine provides a common data foundation for operations and analysis, transforming OT data into a trusted and dynamically updated view of production, allowing key stakeholders to make better, faster decisions – anytime, anywhere.

With system-level visibility and dynamic insights into the most pressing production needs, companies can now deliver and scale optimal productivity solutions throughout the entire production process.

Improve Manufacturing Productivity
About the Report

Sight Machine was among the select companies that CB Insights invited to participate in its August 2021 ESP, Vendor Assessment Matrix. In this evaluation, Sight Machine was cited as a Leader in Factory Analytics Platforms | Manufacturing.

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Learn how Sight Machine is helping various industries, including Chemicals, Paper & Tissue, Packaging and Automotive unlock data-driven productivity.