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NTT Data helps manufacturers across all sectors navigate the complexity of digital transformation through industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization and managed services.

Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform contextualizes all OT data for analysis, providing a real-time, system-wide view of production and actionable insights to deliver and scale optimal productivity and sustainability solutions across the enterprise.

Together we help you improve your manufacturing productivity through proven systems, leading technology, and data-driven transformation. Now you can obtain a system-level and real-time view of all manufacturing facilities, lines, and machines. And it starts with data.

Webinar: Market Insights and Best Practices

From the Manufacturing Leadership Council, NTT Data, and Sight Machine


Unlock Productivity and Sustainability with Plant Data. Learn how a common data foundation can provide new levels of system-wide visibility in real time to deliver data-powered insights and scale productivity solutions across the entire value chain.

Use OT Data Insights to Scale Productivity

The Manufacturing Data Platform


Sight Machine helps manufacturers transform their Operational Technology data, providing a holistic view of production to enhance visibility, make data-driven decisions, and drive enhanced business results.

Manufacturing Data Assessment

We can help you overcome OT data challenges to unlock the value of your production data!

Manufacturing data accessibility does not equal data readiness. Take the assessment to start understanding your current data landscape.

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