Unlock Productivity and Sustainability with Plant Data

Learn how a common data foundation can provide new levels of system-wide visibility in real time to deliver data-powered insights and scale productivity solutions across the entire value chain.

When analyzing plant floor production, conventional data modeling approaches don’t work. Plant data is just different.

Organizations must use a common data foundation to provide new levels of real-time, system-wide visibility, deliver data-powered insights, and scale productivity and sustainability solutions across the entire value chain.

Sudhir Arni from Sight Machine joined Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC) and NTT Data Services for this interactive panel, discussing how you can unlock plant data to:

  • Empower your workforce by placing data-driven decisions at the core of day-to-day operations
  • Improve KPIs such as energy consumption, throughput, quality, and more
  • Achieve rapid results and move beyond proof-of-concept to optimize operations at scale

Your Panel:

David Brousell

Sudhir Arni

Sight Machine

John Petrusick

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