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World’s largest magnet wire manufacturer greatly increases throughput without loss in quality or availability

Magnet Wire Manufacturer:

Improving Throughput Without Sacrificing Quality

Essex Furukawa
Meeting Growing Demands
Essex Furukawa’s growth depended on the ability to increase production without affecting quality. The magnet wire Essex Furukawa makes for EV motors must meet exacting standards enabling it to withstand years of severe stress, including high heat, high electrical current, and fast switching frequencies.

To improve manufacturing throughput without sacrificing quality, Essex Furukawa partnered with Sight Machine to unlock its plant data. By using Sight Machine on Azure as its manufacturing productivity platform, Essex Furukawa is able to track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) across all plants, quickly resolve production problems, and continuously improve production speed, quality, and availability in order to meet growing demands from the electric vehicle (EV) market.

“Sight Machine is changing the way our people make decisions... Rather than making decisions based on gut instinct, they’re making more informed decisions based on data and insights from using the Sight Machine platform.”
Tim Shiigi
Tim Shiigi
Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Essex Furukawa
Magnet Wire Manufacturer
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