Your Manufacturing Data Put To work

Your Manufacturing Data Put To Work
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Real Time Intelligence From Your Manufacturing Data

Today's manufacturers produce more data in a single day than they did in a full month just ten years ago: sensor data, camera images, PLC data, digital gauge data, bar code scans, and much, much more. Making sense of this data - gaining real time, actionable intelligence from this flood of manufacturing data - is the challenge. The issue is so prevalent that the industry has coined a term for it: DRIP (Data Rich, Information Poor).

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Sight Machine: Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence

Sight Machine's powerful analysis engine collects data from all of these sources - industrial cameras, sensors, automation systems, and other factory systems - analyzes it, and delivers insights in real time. Actionable intelligence from these analyses is delivered via an elegant, intuitive web interface that can be securely accessed from anywhere, on almost any device. Quality reports, traceability reports, operational reports such as OEE, SPC trending, and much more are at your fingertips.

Sight Machine was founded with a single purpose:

to empower manufacturers with intelligent analysis of the flood of data coming from advanced factories.

While others have focused on producing more data, Sight Machine analyzes your existing manufacturing data for trends and important statistics, presenting that information to manufacturers in a real time, easily digestible format. Sight Machine’s lightweight solution is easily integrated into existing manufacturing operations, sitting on top of the data streams that

already exist. There is no “rip and replace” required. Sight Machine can easily be added to a single point in your manufacturing line, starting with a small footprint and focusing on a single manufacturing process. You can expand your Sight Machine implementation if and when you need to analyze additional manufacturing or quality processes.