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Turning Manufacturing Data Into Business Value

Turning Manufacturing Data Into Business Value: Sight Machine at Hannover Messe

Sight Machine to Showcase its Manufacturing Data Platform and Operational Digital Twins with Microsoft Despite many millions of dollars in investment and years of work on their plant data, countless manufacturers are still struggling to understand their production systems. Why?

Sight Machine's Manufacturing Data Platform streams plant data from all systems and sources, continuously transforming the data into a common data foundation for powering more agile, reliable, and sustainable production environments.

Manufacturing Workforce Transformation
Data Science

How Pushing Data Tools to the Shop Floor Transforms Your Workforce

Several years ago, I was working in a large dairy manufacturer’s control room, helping implement our product. We were observing the manufacturing process running, when they had an unexpected stoppage on a production critical-asset. While several employees rushed to address the issue on the shop floor, I noticed a shift supervisor copying down some notes in a small notebook. I asked her what she was writing down. She explained that she tried to keep track of a specific in-line quality reading at the point in time when this particular asset failed. She was performing a manual and basic form of data analytics and continuous improvement.

Looking back on this simple interaction, I realized this moment told a compelling story. The shift supervisor was improving and transforming her job skills, creating a mini-database and mental models for analyzing correlations between quality readings and asset failures. This capability is not in the job description of shift supervisors.