Doing Digital Transformation Right

Manufacturers are on the verge of transformative change, driven by cutting-edge digital technologies like AI, machine learning, IIoT, and Big Data.

The projected gains will be so radical that the coming digital wave is being hailed as Industry 4.0 — no less than a fourth industrial revolution.

Explore this page and the comprehensive book that follows for expert practical guidance in making the most of the digital revolution.

A Comprehensive Guide for Manufacturers

Digital transformation starts with data

Whatever digital technologies you want to harness, data is foundational.

And not just a small sampling or a few isolated inputs. Early digital attempts have shown that piecemeal, one-off projects built on limited datasets don’t scale to deliver transformative value.

Manufacturing Analytics Applications

Data is plentiful,
but insight is not

Thanks to IIoT shop-floor sensors, historians, MES, and other systems, most manufacturers have an abundance of production-related data on hand.

What they don’t have is an engine that can orchestrate and integrate it into something useful — that is, ingest, transform, and combine diverse information flows into a detailed digital representation (digital twin) of everything that happens in production.

Only then can you apply techniques like AI, advanced analytics, and machine learning to yield transformative insights.

If you have a unified data platform you can do most anything with digital. If you don’t, you can’t do very much at all.

Doing Digital Transformation Right

Building a unified data platform is where the digital journey begins

It’s not an easy assignment. From preparation to implementation and optimization, there are many critical steps to take, and more than a few pitfalls to avoid.

As a leading manufacturing analytics solutions provider, Sight Machine has been guiding prominent manufacturers on this journey for the past six years.

Now we want to share our extensive experience with you — to steer you around obstacles and help you chart a clear path to digital success.