Chapter 4:

Assessing Your Data:
A Deep Dive

A detailed review of what it takes to make data accessible and usable for digital transformation

A Comprehensive Guide for Manufacturers

Use this step-by-step book as your guide to a successful digital manufacturing journey.

Data readiness is a unique challenge in the manufacturing industry, because production-related data arrives from a multitude of sources and systems, is stored in diverse networks, and comes in a myriad of different formats and structures.

Data readiness

Manufacturers often embark on projects in the mistaken belief that their data is accessible, usable, and relevant, only to discover that most of it is not even close to being ready to support a digital initiative.

The time to ascertain the condition of your data, and take proper steps, is before your project begins. Over the course of numerous engagements, Sight Machine has developed a process for assessing production data against the key attributes required for successful digital manufacturing initiatives.

In this 3-part video tutorial, an expert data engineer walks you through the 3 stages of data assessment, providing illuminating explanations and guidance throughout.

The key to project success is understanding your ability to access and use production data for real-time analysis.