Making the Earth More Sustainable: One Customer (Manufacturer) at a Time

Sustainability efforts lead to better efficiency, quality and profitability
Benefits of Sustainability

Reducing energy and increasing yield rate

There are a lot of buzzwords floating around improving manufacturing sustainability – green manufacturing, IIoT, the circular economy, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All of them have real meaning. But in the plant the reality is more basic. Having a continuous “Earth Day mentality” leads not only to sustainability but to better efficiency, quality and profitability.

Glass Production
Predictive Maintenance Requires a Stable Foundation
Unlock Productivity

What production data can do

Most manufacturers already have plenty of production data: terabytes of input streaming in continuously from hundreds to thousands of shop-floor sensors. Blend this insight-filled data together with information on quality, downtime, and energy, and voila, you have complete real-time visibility into production – the foundation for optimization.

Sustainability White Papers and Presentations
Sight Machine Insights about Sustainability
Industry Insights about Sustainability

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Real Customer Stories about Sustainability

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