Sight Machine 2.0 Delivers Industrial Strength, User-Driven Manufacturing Analytics

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SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2016

Sight Machine Inc., the industry leader for manufacturing analytics, today introduced a major upgrade of the only end-to-end big data platform purpose-built for manufacturing. Sight Machine 2.0 has been developed and stress-tested for large-scale deployment across lines, plants and extended supply chains.

Sight Machine is used by Global 500 companies to make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations. It uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help manufacturers improve quality, productivity and visibility.

Sight Machine offers the world’s only plant digital twin, combining process and product data into a set of analytical models that mirror machines, lines, plants and supply chains. Sight Machine answers questions like these:

  • Why has machine downtime risen 22% this month?
  • Why is our new line in Indiana 18% less productive than an identical line in Michigan?
  • Which production step is responsible for introducing this defect?
  • Why is my scrap cost running 10% higher this month?

Among the major new features in Sight Machine 2.0 are Global Ops View for real-time visibility across the enterprise; Contextualized Dashboards that can be tailored for the needs of a user or function; and Downtime Classifier, which uses machine learning to determine the reasons for downtime.

Battle-Tested, Hardened and Ready for Deployment

“Sight Machine takes perennial manufacturing challenges and solves them in days, or even hours,” said Sight Machine CEO and Co-Founder Jon Sobel. “From origins in Michigan’s auto plants to global operations in Asia, Europe and North America, Sight Machine has scaled across multiple industries. With this release, Sight Machine gives global manufacturers powerful new capabilities in digital manufacturing.”

For one customer alone, Sight Machine is now processing billions of data points per week to optimize production at a global network of contract manufacturing facilities. Sight Machine enables enterprise customers to quickly add hundreds of machines onto the platform and process a virtually unlimited amount of manufacturing data.

Global cloud support is similarly robust. Sight Machine now provides localized cloud services in Asia (Singapore), Europe (Frankfurt), and North America (U.S. West/East), ensuring application availability and high speeds for all customers.

Global Ops View, Contextualized Dashboards and Downtime Classifier

Global Ops View gives companies immediate visibility into their global production. On one screen, executives can track output worldwide or by country, plant, machine, machine type or contract manufacturer. Sight Machine updates Global Ops View’s data in real time.

Contextualized Dashboards let different user types see exactly the information their roles demand, and can be adapted to changing business needs. A corporate manager’s dashboard can provide standardized KPIs to compare across divisions, plants, and suppliers, helping identify problems and best practices. A plant manager’s dashboard can offer real-time visibility into every machine and line on the factory floor for immediate and actionable insights on productivity. A machine operator’s dashboard can provide key sensor data for monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting.

Downtime Classifier uses machine learning to help technicians quickly identify the cause of unplanned downtime. It provides automated analysis of the data generated when machines or lines shut down. During initial setup it captures machine and manual input to calibrate a model for downtime classification, and then continuously improves its capabilities through machine learning. The automated analysis has proven highly accurate in initial deployments.

“Sight Machine’s Downtime Classifier is a novel use of machine learning and should address what has been a long-time challenge for manufacturers: accurately and efficiently recording machine downtime,” said Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst at LNS Research. “This use case should drive quick ROI through better root cause analysis in operations.”

Sight Machine Commander

Traditional data analytics and reporting systems are heavily constrained, offering users limited sets of data sources, reports and analytics capabilities that must be extended by IT staff. Modern artificial intelligence and analytics platforms increasingly support self-serve analytics, letting non-specialist users bring in new data and data types and then design and perform the analysis themselves. Sight Machine is the first to deliver self-service data preparation and analytics to the manufacturing industry.

Sight Machine today previewed Sight Machine Commander, which will give clients and services integrators unprecedented control and capability to add new data sources and data types through an intuitive-web based interface. It will be available in the first half of 2017.

About Sight Machine

Sight Machine is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing, offering the only end-to-end big data platform purpose-built for manufacturing. Sight Machine uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to turn process and product data into actionable insights, helping address critical challenges in quality, productivity and visibility. For more information, please visit

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