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Sight Machine Launches Self-Serve Offerings to Provide Visibility for the Manufacturing Enterprise


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sight Machine, the category leader for digital manufacturing, today announced a next generation of self-serve capabilities, enabling customers, integrators and partners to take production data from factory floors and generate browser-based visibility into enterprise operations – within minutes.

Manufacturing plants vary widely in their digital readiness and project objectives. While some are already systematically collecting data and want to develop advanced analytics, many are looking to get more basic, real-time visibility into factory performance and machine data. Sight Machine’s platform now offers two tiers, Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility (EMV) and Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA), to provide manufacturers with the means to achieve ROI regardless of their digital objectives.

Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility (EMV) was developed from visibility tools and software automation used by Sight Machine to deliver its AI-enabled analytics to clients. The new offering empowers manufacturers to rapidly collect and visualize manufacturing data. With EMV’s self-service functionality, IT teams and systems integrators are equipped to deploy and scale real-time visibility into factory and machine throughput within minutes, allowing companies to quickly gain visibility across all plants.

“As industry adopts digital technology and starts identifying early successes, there is a hunger for fast, accurate visualization across enterprise operations; companies want to scale quickly and extend opportunities for analyzing data,” said Sight Machine Co-Founder and CEO Jon Sobel. “To respond to this need, we took tools and products developed over six years of working with manufacturers and developed self-serve capabilities for immediate and cohesive visualization of raw factory data.”

Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility (EMV)

EMV offers manufacturers three applications: Global Operations View, KPI Dashboard, and Streaming Data Visualization. Combined, these tools provide real-time, cross-enterprise insights into machine and factory operations including output, availability and downtime. Additionally, they deliver multi-factory performance monitoring by facility, machine type and machine; charting of historical data; and tracking of machine availability.

EMV also adds:

  • Digital Twin Builder, an easy-to-use, browser-based tool to create data models of facilities, machines and machine types
  • Secure cloud storage and retrieval of machine data, optimized to work with a customer’s desired cloud provider
  • Factory TX, intelligent edge software to secure, optimize and normalize machine and factory data for streaming to the cloud
  • Self-service setup and configuration for rapid implementation – within minutes, IT departments and systems integrators can deploy and extend EMV to new machines and plants

Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA)

Sight Machine’s existing offering, Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA), uses AI and other advanced technologies to allow companies to unlock the next level of digital transformation, by delivering advanced analytics for improved productivity, quality and supply chain optimization. With EMA, manufacturers can apply out-of-the box analytics and develop custom applications to holistically target plant-specific business objectives, enabling enterprise-wide transformation.

EMA offers an extensive range of advanced, real-time analytical capabilities for digital manufacturing. In addition to all the visualization functionality of EMV, EMA adds:

  • Advanced Twin Builder for creating digital models of an entire manufacturing enterprise and its operations: machines; machine types; facilities; lines; parts; cycles; batches; defects; and downtimes
  • Advanced analytics targeting cross-enterprise efficiency and productivity including statistical process control, correlation heat maps, anomaly detection, process bottlenecks and more
  • Custom analytics enabling data science teams to develop and integrate analytics tailored to a plant’s unique business objectives
  • Toolset including alerting, APIs and more for creating custom applications that transform a company’s operational workflow

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