Revolutionizing Paper & Tissue Production

Unlock Actionable Insights Hidden in Your Data

The Paper & Tissue industry is experiencing major flux and change, with global mergers and acquisitions, growth in some segments, contraction in others, and repurposing or upgrading of plants and assets.

Operational Results

Of all digital transformation providers, only Sight Machine offers a complete manufacturing-specific analytics platform, together with the industry expertise to make a business difference for Paper & Tissue manufacturers. Here’s how:

Unlock the Business Insights Hidden in Your Data.
With the One Platform that Can Actually Do it

The Sight Machine platform is an analytics breakthrough that acquires, blends, and contextualizes all your data — from machine sensors, quality systems, and MES — and models it into an in-depth digital twin of your entire production process. Sophisticated AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics algorithms are then applied to deliver:

Complete mapping of process interdependencies upstream and downstream

discovery of the root cause of problems

Optimal, evidence-based production settings for each individual paper reel

Real-World Results

In mid-2018, a global Paper & Tissue manufacturer chose Sight Machine as their facilities-wide data analytics platform. Here are some of the results already achieved from Sight Machine’s initial deployment at a plant with annual production of 1.2 million tons:

Eliminating Problems at the Root.

The Sight Machine platform analyzed workflow events such as dryer steam pressure swings for defined time intervals in the context of recorded outages, to identify parameters correlated with downtime.

This precision root-cause analysis was performed without any data wrangling: the platform made all information readily presentable in whatever view, matrix, and context the analysts specified.

Days or weeks of tedious numerical analysis were condensed into a few minutes of straightforward visual scrutiny.

Root-Cause Analysis Display

Root-Cause Analysis Display

Sight Machine enables rapid, definitive root-cause analysis that was never possible before: by generating detailed, time-based metrics of factors associated with outage events, ranked by strength of correlation.

Real Business Impact


Sight Machine

$3 million

greater output in the same given timeframe


Sight Machine

$72 million

in projected
new value

Digital Transformation Begins with a Simple Step

Sight Machine

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