Color key:

#1397E9 – Alternate Light Blue

#3babef – Light Blue

#164680 Medium Blue

#021d41 Dark Blue

#fda929 Orange

#fece2f Yellow

#fc0d1b Light Red

#d10915 Dark Red

#20cc52 Light Green

#108435 Dark Green


The below code will replicate the first button with a solid background:

<a class="vc_general vc_btn3 vc_btn3-size-md vc_btn3-shape-square vc_btn3-style-flat vc_btn3-color-sky" href="">Sky</a>

The below code will replicate the second button with an outline button:

<a class="vc_general vc_btn3 vc_btn3-size-md vc_btn3-shape-square vc_btn3-style-outline vc_btn3-color-sky" href="">Sky</a>

These are the 3 items you can change to modify a button style:

vc_btn3-size-md Change the “md” to xs, sm, md, lg to influence button size.

vc_btn3-style-outline Use either outline or flat to influence whether button is outlined.

vc_btn3-color-sky Color options are sky (“Sky” color), primary (“Classic Blue” color), or blue (“Blue” color), or white (“White” color).

Heading 1 #021d41

Heading 2 #021d41

Heading 3 #021d41

Heading 4 #021d41

Heading 5 #021d41
Heading 6 #021d41

Paragraph #333333

Design Checklist for New Website Pages:
For all headers: Caps on the first word only
Font size: Paragraph for
Paragraph breaks: At the end of each long sentence in a paragraph, think about the break and how it looks on the page. Needs to be readable.