Checklist For A Successful Manufacturing Analytics Proof-Of-Concept Project

Checklist For A Successful Manufacturing Analytics Proof-Of-Concept Project

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When you’re ready to experience the power and value of manufacturing analytics, a great place to start is with a proof-of-concept project. Here’s a Manufacturing Analytics Proof-Of-Concept Project Checklist to help ensure your PoC goes smoothly and delivers valuable insight for your organization. The manufacturing analytics vendor should be able to guide you through the entire process.

  1. Define the problem.
    checkmark-yellow Identify the specific problem you are trying to solve or the key objectives for the PoC – and define the impact that problem has on the organization.
  2. Define the scope.
    Define the scope of the project, such as showing value on five out of 100 machines in the factory.
    Define how you will measure the success of the project.
    Show how product features help fix the defined problem.
    Identify all of the key stakeholders and get them involved in the project right from the start.

    Participants should include:

    • IT lead for support, guidance, system access, and connectivity
    • Manufacturing lead for support and guidance on the details of the data being collected
    • Data science lead to help interpret the data
  3. Identify the resources.
    Based on the problem you are trying to solve, identify which systems, databases, machines, sensors, etc. you will collect data from for the project and define how to best communicate to them.
    Identify the specific data fields to be collected for each item defined above.
  4. Develop a detailed plan.
    Work with your manufacturing analytics vendor to develop a project plan for the PoC. Be sure the plan includes:

    • Pre-deployment and interoperability requirements and deliverables
    • Preliminary data collection and testing approach
    • Timeline of activities and deliverables
    Develop a budget for the project. In addition to the software license and professional service fees from your manufacturing analytics vendor, you’ll need to budget for:

    • Equipment (e.g., server on which to install the platform) and associated provisioning
    • Vendor travel expenses (determine whether they invoice back at cost)

A Manufacturing Analytics Proof-Of-Concept Project is a great way to rapidly test manufacturing analytics and prove its value to your organization before a larger-scale rollout. Use these PoC tips to avoid planning and logistical pitfalls so you can focus your time on evaluating the benefits of the technology.

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Manufacturing Analytics Proof-Of-Concept Project

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