But what if instead of buying software, you were purchasing a guaranteed result: a cast-iron promise of project success?

Risk, Interrupted… Delivering Manufacturing Floor Value Without Personal Risk

Manufacturers are waking up to the tremendous potential of their process data to drive improvements across all production metrics, including quality, throughput, and OEE. That said, championing a data-centric solution is not an easy lift. Overcoming organizational inertia and resistance takes a lot of effort and advocacy, and entails some risk to career and company standing. But what if instead of buying software, you were purchasing a guaranteed result: a cast-iron promise of project success? Risk-wise, that would be an entirely different proposition. It’s the offer Sight Machine makes to you, alone among analytics vendors. And it’s why Sight Machine is the Outcomes company for manufacturing.

An Ironclad Financial Guarantee

Sight MachineBy outcomes, we mean specific, measurable results. Such as 4% higher throughput. 7% shorter cycle time. 8% more efficient use of energy. And a 3% increase in OEE. These are just samplings of the actual outcomes we’ve delivered for clients over the past seven years. Tell us the key metrics you want to improve, and together we’ll define explicit results Sight Machine will deliver within a year. If we don’t hit the mark, we’ll refund your license fees. It’s as simple as that. We call it our Package of Solution Assurance (PSA). No other software company serving manufacturers offers this kind of performance-specific, results-based journey.

What Gives Us the Confidence

We can guarantee defined success metrics for two reasons. First, we routinely achieve dramatic outcomes for scores of manufacturing companies, with both initial use cases and new challenges as they arise. Second and equally important, we don’t just supply software; we drive your Continuous Improvement (CI) process. Our experts start with you and stay with you throughout deployment, rollout, and beyond, until your people have attained the fluency to use our platform effectively on their own.     

Adoption Services and Change Management

As part of the Sight Machine offering, we provide an on-site technical delivery manager and dedicated data architect. Their role is to model your data and build the analytics framework to support your CI journey. We accompany you throughout and stay at your beck and call until you become self-sufficient. The package also comes with a Continuous Improvement engineer who shows you how to interpret and gain insights from the Sight Machine platform. These CI resources turn a data jungle into practical, easy-to-understand guidance for machine operators, production managers, and other non-technical roles.

Executive-to-Executive Communication 

At the senior management level, we conduct weekly progress and update calls with you and your team leaders, hold monthly executive-to-executive sessions, and give you a direct line to C-level Sight Machine management, right up to our CEO.

What Makes Our Platform So Different

Sight Machine

Sight Machine Platform

The traditional approach to analytics involves multiple point-specific applications, each focused on a small dataset and a single machine or process, with no cross-platform integration or visibility into production as a whole. The Sight Machine approach is fundamentally different. Our platform ingests data, transforms it into building blocks by applying data models, and integrates these blocks to reveal their complex interrelationships. This gives you the foundation to perform analytics that yield reliable, actionable, in-depth insights into production — end to end. 

Solutions to Problems Before They Happen

We start by guaranteeing results for your first use case, but we don’t stop there. The platform continuously ingests new data, models it in real time, and learns from its own experience. You gain the capability to troubleshoot potential issues as they come up, identify root causes, and take corrective action to resolve problems before they even materialize. 

Real-World Success Stories

Here are some examples of how Sight Machine improved production outcomes while taking risk off the table for project champions:  

Global paper manufacturer

Major global paper manufacturer. This company’s IT leaders adopted a commitment to deliver new levels of value to manufacturing production. Teaming up with plant operations staff, they championed the deployment of the Sight Machine platform across the entire factory network. The program is now being rolled out, with an expected enterprise-wide impact of $72 million.

Bubble Wrap Manufacturer

Leading manufacturer of bubble wrap. In this case we were brought in by operations people tasked with fast-tracking CI beyond the small incremental gains of the past. Over the course of a multi-year journey, company personnel integrated the Sight Machine platform into their daily work routine and became highly skilled in converting production data into actionable insight. As a result, with every success it achieves, the software uncovers two more challenges it can solve. So far, the Sight Machine solution has racked up annual savings of $1.5 million per plant.

Wire Manufacturer

The wire division of a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer. After discussions, demonstrations, and due diligence, a key plant manager strongly advocated the Sight Machine platform as essential to meeting the division’s annual performance goals. In accord with our PSA, we’ve guaranteed a minimum of 1% OEE improvement during the first year. Working together with the company’s in-house team, we are well on the way to meeting and exceeding this objective.

What outcomes can we guarantee for you?

If you’re a plant manager or company leader in IT or production operations, I’d like to show you how Sight Machine can dramatically change your Continuous Improvement equation without incurring personal risk. Please contact me at deriskmanufacturing@sightmachine.com.

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