[Developer’s Corner] Non-blocking CSV export in the browser with Web Workers

Non-blocking CSV export

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Ryuta Oshikiri, Frontend Engineer at Sight Machine, discussed how to execute non-blocking CSV exports of large datasets in the browser in his latest Medium blog post. He provides details on how you can achieve this by using d3.js and web workers. Data should be free, man!

Ryuta has been with Sight Machine for over two years and has helped build our AI Data Pipeline configuration tools, Analysis page, and specifications for frontend and backend responses within our data visualization APIs.

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Non-blocking CSV export

Picture of Ryuta Oshikiri

Ryuta Oshikiri

Ryuta Oshikiri is a frontend engineer with Sight Machine. Ryuta has a background in web development and software engineering. He holds a BS in Informatics from the University of Michigan.

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