[Developer’s Corner] Redux Saga Polling and Cancellation

webapp redux redux saga polling

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In his latest Medium blog post, Ryuta Oshikiri, Frontend Engineer at Sight Machine, discusses the challenges and lessons learned from redux saga polling and cancellation.

We had a requirement to allow a user to see the results of an API call as it changes over time. Simple right, just use a setInterval.  What happens if the endpoint misbehaves or the response is mishandled, potentially slowing down or even halting the webapp?  To get around this, we can leverage an existing state management library with a middleware to handle data fetching (e.g. redux and redux-saga).

Ryuta works on Sight Machine’s streaming data transformation platform, as well as configuration tools and specifications for frontend and backend responses within our data visualization APIs.

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webapp redux redux saga polling

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Ryuta Oshikiri

Ryuta Oshikiri is a frontend engineer with Sight Machine. Ryuta has a background in web development and software engineering. He holds a BS in Informatics from the University of Michigan.

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