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A few short months ago, the Sight Machine Platform was acknowledged by Network World as one of the 10 hottest AI IoT startups. Now we’ve been recognized for another, equally noteworthy achievement: innovations that contribute to the ultimate health of the planet.

Sight Machine has been named to the 2019 Global Cleantech 100, the authoritative annual guide to leaders in sustainable innovation. On top of this, ABB Technology Ventures has chosen us for their Automation of Everything Award — as in their words, “the company with the most impact on industrial automation and energy efficiency.”

We’re extremely honored to receive both distinctions, especially given the competitive field of 13,900 nominated private companies from 93 countries. Cleantech Group chose 100 winners based on proprietary research data together with qualitative assessments from a global panel of 87 industry experts. The victorious companies were those judged most likely to make a significant market impact through sustainability over the next five to ten years.

Sight Machine Platform
2019 Global Cleantech 100 Award Winners Photo by: Martin Backhauss, Solgate Studios

Manufacturing has notably lagged behind other sectors in sustainability gains, owing to the lack of a mechanism to orchestrate its enormous and diverse data inflows into a view of production as a whole. This deficiency has stifled industry progress in sustainability as well as other core production challenges.

Sight Machine overcomes this limitation with its unique ability to blend, model, and analyze all forms and quantities of manufacturing data. Companies have already used our platform to dramatically improve plant productivity and efficiency while reducing both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The results are especially significant in segments such as glass manufacturing, where energy represents up to 80% of production costs. For one global manufacturer, the Sight Machine platform has identified more than $26 million in annual savings in just a single facility.

The only way to achieve this kind of impact is by harnessing the combined power of big data, AI, machine learning, and advanced modeling techniques. Sight Machine is the only manufacturing analytics platform that does so.

As Grant Allen, managing director of ABB Technology Ventures, puts it, “By going beyond individual machines to work with data from the entire plant, Sight Machine brings a new level of insight into the operations of a factory. This enables not only increased throughput for the entire factory but also heightened profitability and a better handle on sustainability.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Discover the game-changing difference our award-winning platform can make for production sustainability, productivity, and quality across your enterprise.

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Sight Machine

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