Asian Paints used a plant digital twin to reduce cycle time

Asian Paints

Asian Paints, the largest paint and coatings company in India and one of the 10 largest in the world, selected Sight Machine for its unique ability to use AI to combine production data from hundreds of assets into a digital twin of the production process.

“As an insight-driven company, we searched the world for the most advanced and scalable manufacturing analytics technology to use across our facilities to drive better decisions, Sight Machine gives us unique insights into what is happening in production across our factories which will enable us to be a faster more agile organization.”

Harish Lade
Harish Lade
VP of Supply Chain,
Asian Paints

Sight Machine’s platform transformed plant data into a digital twin of the entire production process.

Asian Paints reduced cycle time on the factory line with the Sight Machine digital twin, delivering a very good return on investment from the initial project alone.

Asian Paints has already recognized tremendous value from their initial deployment.

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Case Study:

Learn how Asian Paints achieved a 7% reduction in cycle time within 60 days of Sight Machine deployment.