Sight Machine Caps Year of Broad Adoption and Rapid Growth With Strategic Partnership

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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2023—Sight Machine Inc., the provider of the leading platform for manufacturing data and industrial AI, ends 2023 with an innovative new strategic partnership; a growing network of integrators, automation and AI partners; and a host of new enterprise customers in the food and beverage, building materials, steel and metals, and automation manufacturing sectors. 

TeamViewer, a global technology company headquartered in Germany with offices in Clearwater, Florida, today announced a product partnership and strategic investment in Sight Machine that brings together both companies’ capabilities for frontline workers, asset providers, and plants (see The companies will collaborate on a joint product offering combining TeamViewer’s market-leading and highly secure remote connectivity and industrial AR solutions with Sight Machine’s real-time data and analysis for industrial processes. 

While Sight Machine currently supports process and discrete manufacturers in more than 15 industries, 2023 has seen especially strong adoption among food and beverage, steel and metals, and building materials companies. Sight Machine finishes 2023 working with four of the world’s best-known food and beverage companies, helping them improve yield, reduce downtime, conserve energy, and develop AI for real-time guidance of plant operations. 

“After more than a decade of developing deep technology for plant data and serving pioneering manufacturing firms, Sight Machine is going mainstream, building broad partnerships, and achieving breakout growth with a next generation of industry leaders,” said Jon Sobel, Sight Machine CEO and Co-Founder. “With the pandemic behind them and many good lessons in hand, global manufacturers are embracing data-driven operations. They are moving urgently to deliver resilience, AI, and sustainability, all built on the effective use of plant data.” 

2023 also brought rapid product innovation and the development of a strong ecosystem for deploying and using Sight Machine. In July, Sight Machine announced the integration of generative AI with its platform to make manufacturing data more accessible to a broader range of users across the enterprise. Sight Machine integrated its Manufacturing Data Platform with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to introduce Factory CoPilot, a natural language user interface that offers an intuitive, ‘ask the expert’ experience for all users, regardless of data proficiency. Factory CoPilot harnesses generative AI to help users understand manufacturing production status in real time, accelerating problem solving, analysis and reporting. This offering is one of almost 20 integrations with the Azure product suite, and further strengthens Sight Machine’s interoperability with the Microsoft platform. 

In parallel, Sight Machine is also rapidly integrating its platform with automation, AI, and system integration partners, with the result that 80% of new plants implementing Sight Machine in 2023 are doing so by relying on Sight Machine partners for implementations. These developments are collectively accelerating results for manufacturers and enabling the rapid introduction of data-driven operations across every major manufacturing vertical. 

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Sight Machine helps global manufacturers unlock the power of industrial data to increase profitability, productivity and sustainability. Through its data-first approach, Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform creates a common data foundation by capturing and contextualizing data from the entire factory to deliver a systemwide view of the manufacturing process. Data becomes democratized, empowering all stakeholders to drive productivity improvements across the enterprise. With systemwide visibility and artificial-intelligence-powered insights, manufacturers can now scale efficiency, quality and sustainability solutions across entire production processes and multi-factory sites, and even extend the impact to their broader supply and value chains. Sight Machine has offices in San Francisco and Ann Arbor, Mich. (

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