Common Data Models for Manufacturing

Background & Presentation Overview:

  • Sight Machine analyzes production by streaming plant floor data from all systems and sources in real time
  • Data is streamed into 4 Common Data Models. These models represent automated production in all industries
  • Streams continuously generate Data Foundation. Data Foundation is then graphed into representations of machines, lines and plants, which are further visualized and analyzed in KPIs, analytics and AI/ML
  • Sight Machine’s architecture is modular, transparent, and configurable at each level. Clients and partners can access and modify: (a) raw data, (b) configuration, and (c) Transformed Data via API and SDK layers
  • This presentation reviews Common Data Models and graphing methods, and highlights a few out of hundreds of analytics currently generated through web services. After several introductory slides, it is mostly pictures
  • Connectivity and pre-processing, and streaming and transformation are addressed elsewhere

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