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The industry’s only AI Data Pipeline and manufacturing plant Digital Twin

Sight Machine enables companies to gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for every part, batch, machine, line, and plant throughout a manufacturing enterprise. Our patented platform enables manufacturers to use all of their data—no matter where or in what format it’s created.

We do this with a data-first approach that automates the process of acquiring and contextualizing streaming production data to create digital twins of each part, batch, and process.

Digital Twin Definition

A pioneering technology that works across processes and machine types, and across all manufacturing sectors.


Industry recognized innovation

Recognition: Everest Group IOT Trailblazers
Recognition: Fortune
Recognition: Gartner Cool vendor
Recognition: Network World
Recognition: Wing Data-First 50

Dan Woods

“Sight Machine has created a digital twin builder that allows users to assemble comprehensive digital twins for a variety of assets very quickly.

What’s important about this capacity is that the digital twins also mirror the interdependencies between those devices, so you’re modeling the entire process and not just a single machine.”

Centralized platform delivering analytics and visibility across your enterprise

Enterprise-wide Optimization for OT

  • Unprecedented understanding of the end-to-end manufacturing process: With digital twins of assets, materials, parts, and batches
  • Enterprise visibility: Zoom in and out from machine to plant to enterprise
  • Cross-Plant Benchmarking: Data/metric consistency & integrity
  • Consistent experience: Lower training costs
  • Flexible consumption: Export data into any analysis tool

Scale for IT

  • Enterprise-wide visibility & optimization
  • Centralized platform: more secure, lower TCO
  • Extensible: Deploy additional capabilities to individual plants
  • Data/metric consistency & integrity
  • Consistent experience: Lower training cost
  • Open APIs — built to integrate with your businesses data tools

We speak your language

No matter what machines, systems, or clouds you have, Sight Machine is manufacturing fluent.


fast radius

Lou Rassey
CEO Fast Radius and former leader of McKinsey & Co.’s global manufacturing practice

“They have hardened their technology over the last few years working with some very demanding customers.

Now they are scaling up with proven technology and a proven business model.”

Powering more factories in more countries than any other manufacturing analytics solution provider

Leverage our experience to ensure your success

Through our work with G500 manufacturers, Sight Machine has determined the success factors critical for digital transformation. DRI identifies which key technical and organizational assets you have in place to start your digital journey. The answers give you a roadmap for prioritizing plants, building capabilities, and benchmarking against peers.


Partner with us to understand the financial impact of digital manufacturing

Quantifying the impact of manufacturing analytics efforts is often difficult. Manufacturing and finance people often speak different languages. Plant managers are focused on productivity, but commonly used measurements of productivity aren’t easily connected back to dollars.

To translate across this language gap, Sight Machine has developed a new productivity metric that lets manufacturers directly link productivity data to profitability: the Manufacturing Performance Index (MPI).


Customers, partners & investors

Global industry leaders working with Sight Machine to drive the transformation to digital manufacturing.

Huron River Ventures

Digital Readiness Audit

Rely on us to unlock the value of your production data

Why do most production analytics projects stumble out of the gate?

Typically because manufacturers don’t understand the condition of their data. The ability to join, blend and integrate multiple sources of manufacturing data into digital twins of production processes, lines, plants, and parts is a foundational requirement for being a data-driven manufacturer. Unfortunately, the quality of a manufacturer’s data and its readiness to support analysis is often only evaluated and understood after a project has begun.

At Sight Machine, we’ve developed a process for auditing production data to better understand its ability to deliver business impact. The Sight Machine Data Readiness Audit examines the attributes we’ve found to be most critical for integrating production data in real-time with other sources.

ARC Advisory Group
Dick Slansky

Dick Slansky
Senior Manufacturing Analyst,
Arc Advisory Group

“…[Sight Machine] enables manufacturing companies to gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for every product, sensor, machine, production line, equipment, and factory throughout their enterprise.”

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